Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Party

Matron of Honor: Vanessa Hood

Vanessa and Jess have been friends since High School Freshman year basketball. They have stayed extremely close over the years even through long distance! Jess was lucky enough to stand up in Vanessa's wedding in May 2010 and now Vanessa will be her matron of honor! Vanessa is also creating the wedding bands for Andrew and Jess out of Andrew's Grandpa Ray's wedding band. Can't wait to see the finished product!
Bridesmaid: Kristin Persick
Kristin (or P) and Jess have been friends since the grade school bus and is now Jess' boss while Jess works in Oconomowoc for a few months! It is not unusual for P to run over to the Eskau's even while Jess isn't around, she is just one of the family. 
Bridesmaid: Jaclyn Pautz
Jaclyn and Jess met as floor mates Freshman year of college at UW-Madison and have stayed close ever since as pen pals to manage the long distance from Madison to the Oregon Coast!
Bridesmaid: Ashley Thompson
Ashley and Jess also lived together Freshman year of college, in fact Ashley was one of Jess' first college friends and has remained one of Jess' "go-to girls" for all of life's curveballs. If you need advice, she is the one to call :)
Bridesmaid: Ashley Eberle
Ashley and Jess went to highschool together but really became close when Ashley transferred from the University of Minnesota to UW-Madison and sent out a random roommate ad and Jess responded! They lived, laughed, cried, and did just about everything with each other until college graduation, and they still manage to pick up right where they left off everytime Jess moves across the country :)

Moosebeard and the Beardless Bandits! (L to R, Chris (best man/guitar-duo-sidekick),
Rodney, Will, Marty, and me)

It all started on a cold night in a warm sauna…and nine months later the moose had his
first gig! These guys are my best friends and if I were to write out all the reasons to
pick them and the appropriate stories that go with I would be here for days, so I’ll keep
it short! We started by simply jamming all night long in Fenenga Hall and soon it lead
to headlining the Ashland Folkfest and having our Northland classmates pick us over
the school hymn at graduation! We are now currently scattered all over the country but
I have no doubt that if we were all to pick up some instruments we could be right back
were we started—and that’s why they are standing up for me.

Sister of the Groom: Janelle East


So, I think I’ve been embarrassing Janelle my whole life, why would I stop now?
Anyways, there was no question when picking out who would stand up for me at the
wedding whether Janelle would be in or not, it was just a question of what do we call
her? A grooms-maid…no, grooms-lady…nah, but I digress, again. My sister is a natural
choice because not only is she my sister, but she is also a wonderful person that is a
constant source of stability and unconditional love. And she plays a killer fiddle solo…

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